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Freezer Repair Service in Dubai

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Freezer Repair Service in Dubai

Are you facing a freezer malfunctioning? Need freezer repair services? You have come to the right shop. Fajservice.ae the finest freezer repair service provider in Dubai. Whether you need freezer repair or freezer maintenance, we can fix all freezer issues. So, with our freezer repair service in Dubai, you can regain your freezer operating at its best in no time. 

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  • The technical inspection fee is AED 157 covering diagnosis, transportation, re-installation in Dubai premises and the fee is not refundable.
  • This flat rate includes 1 or 2 appliances in the same place. The flat rate does not include the cost of parts.
  • Contact us: if you require a repair on a small appliance, such as a coffee machine or vacuum.

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Freezer Maintenance Dubai:-

Preventive maintenance is the key to extending your freezer’s life and avoiding expensive repairs. Therefore, we offer all-inclusive freezer maintenance in Dubai that covers inspection, cleaning, lubrication, and key component calibration. Also, with regular maintenance, we can identify potential issues beforehand and make sure optimal performance. 

Big Chill Room Storage Solutions:-

Businesses that require large-scale storage of chilled items need such temperature-controlled spaces. Big chill rooms have insulated walls, floors, and ceilings to reduce heat transfer and keep consistent temperatures. In addition, they have rooms with special refrigeration systems. Also, they can chill the space to freezing temperatures, and keep a desired temperature range, depending on the needs of the stored goods. 

The biggest benefit of big chill rooms is their precise temperature control. They keep the temperatures between sub-zero for frozen goods to above freezing for chilling items. Also, temperature control is vital for maintaining the quality, the safety of goods and freshness to ensure the perfect storage conditions. 

Do you want storage solutions for your perishable goods? Whether you need maintenance or repairs to your big chill rooms and storage rooms, we have you covered. Whether you need freezer repair, maintenance, or services for commercial freezers, we are your trusted partners. 

Why Choose Our Freezer Repair Service In Dubai?

Swift and Professional Services:-

Everyone wants their broken freezer to back up and run smoothly again. That is why we have designed a freezer repair service in such a way as to provide the most prompt services. Your daily life needs are our top priority; thus, we offer swift turnaround times. 

Skilled and Polished Technicians:-

The only way to deliver expert and 100% successful repairs is by expertise and skill. Therefore we employ the most trained and experienced technicians to tackle different freezer models and brands. In addition, they have the skill and equipment to diagnose the issue accurately and utilize effective repair solutions. So, be it faulty compressors, broken door seals, or thermostat problems, we have you covered. 

Quality Repairs:-

We are proud to offer the best-quality repairs that pass the test of time. To ensure quality repairs, we use the state of the art equipment and follow the best industry practices. That is how we get your freezer working again to its perfect functionality. In addition, our solutions are designed for the long-term performance of the appliance. Therefore, you can enjoy infrequent problems. 

Convenient Services:-

We value the time of our clients the most. That is why we deliver convenient services to match your schedule. So, Contact us today or book an appointment to avail our freezer service near me. Therefore, we ensure the entire process is simple and hassle-free for the clients. 

Enjoy the Professional Freezer Repairing Services:-

We all know the importance of a well-functioning freezer. However, since our freezers run 24/7, they can break down at unexpected times. There are so many reasons your freezer might stop working, including the following:- 

Therefore, all these issues need a quick fix or a part replacement. 

Your Top Choice for Commercial Freezer Repair Near Me:-

Along with domestic freezer repairs, we also serve commercial freezer repairs. A well-running freezer is important in commercial settings like hotels, restaurants, and grocery stores.  

Commercial freezers have different types and various issues that they encounter. The common types of commercial freezers and the common problems related to them include the following:- 

Reach-In Freezers:-

Issues: Compressor faults, insufficient cooling, ice build-up, faulty door seals, fluctuating defrosting, and electric component issues. 

Walk-In Freezers:-

Issues: Inadequate insulation, door seal leaks, compressor failures, motor breakdowns, malfunctioning defrost systems, and condensation build-up. 

Display Freezers:-

Issues: Insufficient cooling, fluctuating temperature control, failed compressor, fan motor problems, compressor failure, and display lighting issues. 

Under counter Freezers:

Issues: Undercooling, compressor faults, noisy operations, leaking door seals, thermostat malfunctioning, and drainage issues. 

Chest Freezers:

Issues: Frost build-up, insufficient cooling, compressor failures, power supply faults, and seal issues. 

Ice Cream Freezers:

Issues: Fluctuating temperature control, compressor faults, thermostat faults, condenser issues, and ice cream melting or hardening issues.



How frequently should I defrost my freezer?

Many different factors influence the defrosting of your freezer. These factors include a model of your freezer and the frequency of door opening. As a generic guideline, manual defrost freezers should be thawed when the ice build-up reaches around ¼ to ½ inch. This aids in maintaining excellent cooling efficiency and prevents excessive ice accumulation. Therefore, newer frost-free or self-defrosting freezers themselves regulate the frost build-up and do not need manual defrosting. 

How can I prolong the freezer's life?

To prolong the lifespan of your freezer and make sure it is perfect performance, you should follow the tips:- 

  • Cleaning the freezer: 

Routinely clean the interior and exterior surfaces, including spills or food debris removing. 

  • Keep the proper temperature:

Set the freezer’s temperature to the manufacturer’s instruction level and avoid consistently adjusting it. 

  • Don’t Overload:

Keep the load under check, do not overstock it. Overloading can obstruct proper airflow and cooling. 

  • Check the door seal:

Routinely inspect the door seals and look for any damage or wear signs. In addition, broken seals can cause temperature fluctuations and energy efficiency. 

  • Allow Air Ventilation:

In addition, ensure there is enough space around the freezer to make sure proper ventilation and airflow, stop ventilation and airflow and stop overheating. 

What causes a faulty compressor of the freezer?

Different factors contribute to the faulty compressor. These include the age of the compressor and the wear caused to it. In addition, overheating, electrical issues, lack of maintenance, and refrigerant problems lead to compressor defects arising. All these factors bring reduced efficiency or even complete compressor failure. To accurately diagnose and repair the compressor consult professional technicians. Therefore, only a professional can perform the repairs and replacements accurately.