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Gree AC Repair in Dubai

Gree appliances were manufactured in 1991 and since then gree aircon has been in the global market. Technology has been advanced and innovative so much that now a single aircon has both heating and cooling systems. So, in any weather, your friend air conditioner is with you to make your life supremely comfortable. Moreover, Gree A/c exhibits smart eco-friendly systems as well as WiFi, which enables aircon to provide you with complete contentment.

So, you can get cool air in the summer while easily focusing on your business and using the advantage of the internet. Although, this smartly designed Gree air conditioner operates at its fullest and delivers excellent cooling during summers and warm pleasant heating in winters. It still gets prone to some unwanted and unexpected troubles. 

If your Gree air con falls into some issues, panicking is normal. However, you must not get upset because to get you and your expensive air conditioning out of difficulty FAJ Technical Services L.L.C is at hand. We are the chief Gree AC Repair In Dubai provider and a highly reputed one. We understand how it is important to get fully functional air conditioning right away therefore, our team of experienced personnel with high workmanship is present the entire week to assist you. So, any day you notice some error with your cooling system contact us and we will be at your doorstep in no time.

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  • Gree Package Unit Aircon Maintenance
  • Gree HVAC & Split AC Repair Service 
  • Gree Multi Split, VRF Air Conditioner Service
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  • AC not turning On
  • AC leaking water outside
  • AC loss of performance
  • AC poor airflow, making noises
  • AC Prone to freezing

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In different factories, shopping malls, and supermarkets the well-functioning gree aircon looks quite excellent. Thus, brings more value to the company, factory, or office. For that purpose, a fresh air handling unit (fahu) is the best choice and regulates cool, excellent air.

Additionally, it ensures a constant flow of clean crisp air as part of an hvac system as well as a very comfortable environment. Staying motivated in a stuffy and hot workplace is extremely challenging. Whether it is for staff or customers, creating a comfy environment is highly paramount to getting the most out of your business.

Similarly, for air handling unit (ahu) installation, and fixing faults, you can lean on us to provide you a well-conditioned environment. As a part of the hvac system, they perform expeditiously and thus, potentially improves the atmosphere. A ahu (air handling unit) or ducted based system works by adding water mist to the airflow in an air duct. Only an old hand can investigate fault and mend it.


We only have highly professional experts and they provide superior air conditioning services. Any type of gree ac be it cassette type, ducted split ac, or any kind or size of aircon we are here to give you a hand in fixing, maintenance, or installation. We use state-of-art equipment to diagnose the issue and swiftly repair it. Faj is the most trusted gree ac repair in dubai and the best gree inverter air conditioner fix provider. You can simply talk to us and technical technicians are ready to help.


Repair & Maintenance

Regardless of where you live in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman, we will send a Faisal Ali Juma technical team to your home or business place to do the repair service when it suits you.

Pricing you can trust

Finding honesty, reliability, and affordability price all at the same time, you can contact us for all services required.


Replacement of spare part by FAJ comes with a warranty. If the same fault occurs during warranty time period. Invoice reference number is a must if you need to contact us again.

On Time Service

Step 1 - Phone us,
Step 2 - Choose a date & time frame,
Step 3 - Get the technical team at your doorstep to fix.

Professional Commercial Air Conditioning Installation & Service

In different offices, companies, universities, schools, malls, etc where we spend most of our time on our different businesses, work, and meetings with our clients. The fresh air and adequate cooling system enhance not only our working capacity but also gives us fresh cool air. Since 2010, we are the most trusted provider for Gree air con installation and servicing in commercial buildings. If you are looking for the budget-friendly, high quality and prompt installation of air condition be it of any type, VRF or HVAC, or any kind of Gree Ac we are highly specialized enough to help you. FAJ is a top-level Gee air conditioner service supplier.

Fault Codes Of Gree Aircon – Gree ac repair

Different types of Gree aircon show various error codes depending upon the specific issue they are going through. Fixing them immediately is what makes them fully functional again. If you own a Gree central Ac or split inverter, when they experience any problem they will display it. Some examples are here:

These are a few examples of fault codes that can appear on aircon however, the experts can identify the specific codes and know how to troubleshoot them. With decades of experience in industrial, commercial, and domestic sectors in providing air conditioning service, fixing an issue be it minor or complex, installation and maintenance. So, whatever the project is, you can easily count on us for the finest results. Furthermore, our technical technicians are fully trained and highly skilled enough to do any task quickly and exceed expectations. You can rest assured that your expensive air condition is in expert and reliable hands.

How To Know If My Gree AC Needs Repairing?

We all want our ducted or ceiling package unit or any kind of aircon we own. We desire it to perform efficiently. This can happen but only if you opt for thorough routine maintenance and immediate fixing of any error that appears. Certain indications help us to understand that it is high time to call for a professional. Here are a few to ponder over:

Be it your wall-mounted split air conditioning or HVAC of any size or type we are experts in handling any issue your cooling system is facing.

Different Types Of Gree Aircon We Provide Maintenance & Fixing

Gree air con appears in various sizes, and types knowing which one is right for your villa or apartment is quite crucial. Because this ensures to deliver optimal fresh cooling to the entire room or office. These are miscellaneous types of gree air conditioning we take pride in providing maintenance, troubleshooting any faults that occur, and accurate installation.

FAJ is the preeminent and most reliable Gree AC repair in Dubai. Therefore, residents of Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and surrounding areas look to us for prompt and quality assistance.



How to contact FAJ?

You can simply call us at 97143300002 or email info@fajservices.ae and book your appointment with us. Our experts will reach your place on the scheduled time and day.

Which gas is used in AHU?

Puron gas is used in air handling units (AUH).

Which motor is used in AUH?

Integral Ac induction motor is used in the air handling unit.