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If you own a Haier air conditioner at home or your retail premises and are looking for high-quality maintenance or rapid Haier AC repair in Dubai service. Then, this piece of information is surely for you! Haier is the silent air conditioning technology, which is designed to entirely eradicate indoor noise pollution which is quite common in other air con units. Furthermore, charged ions generated through the process of aero ionization purify the air altogether and reduce bacteria and dust. On August 1, 1902, Haier established the world’s first smartest air conditioning system which has dual functionalities of condition and purification.

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This outstanding aircon not only accomplished humidity and temperature control but professional air purification as well. The haier cooling system blows the world’s cleanest wind and smart self-cleaning air conditioner. When this magnificently fashioned climate control serves you to the fullest you ought to take care of it too, by opting for immediate haier ac repair in dubai, when it experiences some unusual fault. Faj technical services l.L.C is a top-notch air conditioning service company and has been winning millions of hearts since 2010 with its leading performance. Haier air conditioner is so good that it will never hurt you again and again asking for repair. If you only keep it well, take care of it by providing satisfactory maintenance weekly through a professional expert. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about it ever. And, it will keep performing efficiently and smoothly.


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Regardless of where you live in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman, we will send a Faisal Ali Juma technical team to your home or business place to do the repair service when it suits you.

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Replacement of spare part by FAJ comes with a warranty. If the same fault occurs during warranty time period. Invoice reference number is a must if you need to contact us again.

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Benefits Of Your Perfect Companion – Haier Air Conditioning

Every cooling system is unique in its way and a plethora of them are available in the market. However, Haier differentiates itself from others with the competent technology of self-cleaning. Although countless advantages Haier Air condition offers its end-users, few of them we will share here. So, those who need some encouragement to opt for buying Haier split or window climate control for their business facility or home. Here you go. Moreover, those who take for granted the mind-blowing attributes of Haier aircon and overlook its necessary maintenance will realize its importance

How The Air Conditioning Can Be Highly Effective At Commercial Facilities – Haier AC Repair In Dubai

“Dear humidity, please stop showing off, we know you are sticky and tiresome, literally” – Unknown

We all resonate with the above quote, during the humid season don’t we? Air conditioners are a must-have appliance in each home, organization, and business facility. Moreover, it is a great investment we do to keep ourselves, our loved ones, customers, and employees in the finest indoor environment. On top of that, with the increasing daily advancement in technology now, air conditioners are equipped with a range of salient features and parts. Ranging from dust-free filters to season-based system modes have made the life of users exceedingly easier.

There can be nothing more annoying and inconvenient than knowing that your Haier Ac is not working optimally. This happens only because of insufficient maintenance and late repairs of errors. Following are the ways to make your air con to function effectively.

Inspecting cleaning air filters -fajservice

Keep the air filter clean and promptly replace them when needed

The main job of air filters is to eliminate allergens and dust from air which comes in from the outdoors. Thus, ensures sound and cool air. However, over time the dirt and dust accumulate as you keep the cooling system on. If the air filter of A/C is left without cleaning, it will fail to filter out germs, dust, etc hence, won’t be able to circulate fresh quality air.

Therefore, it is essential to get maintained after every few weeks in order to keep it working outstandingly throughout the season. For long-lasting and efficient assistance you must call an expert only. We are a well-reputed AC repair in Dubai company and are available the whole week to help you.

Pros Of Westpoint Split Air Condition-Ac Repair In Dubai-repair-fajservice

Opt for the right type of air con

Another way to keep air conditioning operating at its peak is by choosing the correct type of cooling system. The size of the room and the type of climate control matters a lot. For instance, if in a small room, you install a big size air con, it will feel colder and less productive due to uncomfortable cooling. Similarly, in a large room, hall, office, or cinema if you place a smaller size of climate control, it will have to work harder to cool the entire big room. Thus, it will use more energy which will cause surges in energy bills. Wherefore, always communicate with a professional technician before buying an aircon. You can talk to us easily, our technical expert will reach your site, and examine the place, office, library, or other retail center you’re willing to put an air conditioner in.

And, will provide you with profound recommendations of which type is perfect for the place. Not only this, but we also are pros in installing any brand or size of climate control. So, let us take care of every concern regarding your air conditioning.


Over outdoor units must be a preventive shading – haier air conditioner service

The outdoor unit of an air conditioner is highly built to tolerate extreme temperature variations. But, a protective shade secures outdoor units from strains, bird droppings, and other problems. For help, you can freely connect with Haier AC Repair in Dubai (FAJ).

What Sets Us Apart?

FAJ is a top of the line air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repairing company. We are a fast and reliable company that strives to exceed quality standards and customer satisfaction. And, we are proud to accomplish it with our diligent efforts and high expertise. Additionally, for commercial places such as companies, cinemas, shops, malls, schools, colleges, universities, gyms, cinemas, hotels, and restaurants. For healthcare facilities (clinics, hospitals, sports places) and industrial, and domestic places we are providing air conditioning services. For Haier Ac UAE achieve the best results with us. So, feel free to get in touch with us, and our professional will immediately reach wherever you are to serve you.



Which cities do you provide Ac services other than Dubai?

We deliver our top-tier air conditioning servicing to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and other nearby cities.

How can I contact FAJ?

You can simply call us at +97143300002 or email info@fajservices.ae and our experts will reach you at an appointed date and time to give you a hand.

Why my Haier AC fan is on but not cooling

A blocked or clogged condenser coil is the reason for it.