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Hood Appliances Repair Service in Dubai

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Kitchen Hood Repair Dubai

A Kitchen hood is a device that is installed above a cooking appliance or cooking surface. It largely helps to ventilate the kitchen as well as removes hazardous particles from the air thus, maintaining a safe and healthy home and working environment. Any fault in it, hinders the escape of these noxious particles hence, can be unhealthy for one’s health. If your hood appliance has not worked efficiently or stopped functioning at all, this is high time to contact the top hood appliances repair service in Dubai. FAJ Technical Services L.L.C is a well-known and highly efficient hood appliances service provider throughout Dubai and surrounding areas.

Furthermore, a fully operational hood improves air quality, increases home value, and provides additional lighting. A malfunction in it leads to reverse happening such as more moisture in the air, and condensation build-up in the home. On top of that, mold growth and damp patches occur. For any immediate help, feel free to talk to us. We are the leading hood appliances repair service in Dubai and therefore, the prime choice of customers.

Select Appliance to Repair

  • The Mixer Overheats
  • The Mixer Doesn’t Start
  • The Mixture Doesn’t Combine
  • The Mixer Produces Unusual Noises
  • Food mixer not working /electric sparking

Request for Technician

  • The technical inspection fee is AED 157 covering diagnosis, transportation, re-installation in Dubai premises and the fee is not refundable.
  • This flat rate includes 1 or 2 appliances in the same place. The flat rate does not include the cost of parts.
  • Contact us: if you require a repair on a small appliance, such as a coffee machine or vacuum.

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  • Rapid Response (Normally Same or next day service)
  • Call-out fee which includes diagnosing, pick-up & reinstall
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When To Book A Hood Appliances Repair Service In Dubai?

Modern kitchen spaces always use kitchen hoods that act as vent systems. Revolutionary innovation of kitchen hoods keeps your pantry odorless and optimally clean. Moreover, exhaust fans in these hoods function to your home fresh-cut and smoke-free. Often, during cooking, the kitchen fills up with smoke and the atmosphere gets exceedingly hot and difficult to breathe. However, you cannot tell what the real issue is. Thus, you never know if it is the time to call for help.

Kitchen Hood System

Here are several indications
That can assist you to decide that this is the right time to bring in a professional to repair the kitchen hood. No matter which type or size of hood your kitchen has an extractor hood or built, the courteously experienced expert would quickly identify the glitch in it and in no time fix it.

Mostly, it happens that when we direly need any appliance then exactly that moment it does not take our side. This usually happens when we neglect the necessary repair or maintenance it deserves. Hence, when we want the hood appliance to work it does not! Therefore, when you notice these above signs immediately call a professional and reliable hood appliances repair service to treat it as early as possible. So, you can enjoy the finest healthy air at home.

Kitchen Hood Repair Near Me In Dubai

We often take appliances for granted, especially range hoods. Many house owners consider that hood is just for the removal of odors from the kitchen or home. However, a range hood is much more pivotal than that, it is a major air circulator in the entire room. You can notice that every time you cook something with your hood off, burned minute food particles and air grease suspensions as well can launch from the frying pan into the air and start flying around. Thus, they land on your furniture, clothes, walls, and floors and are hazardous. We believe in exceptionally prompt and quality troubleshooting of hood problems. Therefore, we are existing as the leading hood appliances repair service provider in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi (UAE).

If you are disturbed by your malfunctioning hood and every time you try to prepare a meal in your kitchen, the whole atmosphere gets covered in greasy smoke. Then, do not get anxious. Our technical personnel are present the whole week to assist you and make your kitchen easier to cook delicious food so you can enjoy that with your family. Furthermore, we always make sure to exceed customer satisfaction and are a phenomenal hood service center dubai.

Commercial Kitchen Hood

Type of Kitchen Hood Appliances We Repair:
There are a variety of vent hood types we repair. Some merely filter and recirculate air while others remove air outside. No matter which type, or size of hood range your kitchen has, we are ready to help you.

In Search of Hood Maintenance Service Near Me?

Regular maintenance and cleaning of kitchen hoods bring a plethora of benefits. Such as improved air quality, a fan motor that lasts for longer, and no smell in the home. Those range hoods which are left unmaintained can, in turn, disrupt the airflow of the kitchen. Moreover, power bills go up, and lack of proper ventilation kitchen air pollutants spread and affect food as well. Thus, it can be dangerous for one’s health. If you are in search of hood maintenance service or hood service center dubai, then hold on here. Because we exclusively are the top-notch hood appliances repair service in Dubai and are making thousands of clients happy and more than content.

Kitchen Exhaust Hood

york ac repair dubai

Exceptionally fast service

When it comes to range hood fixing, there is no place for dragging it out. That is why we work promptly and provide first-rate outcomes. On time our technical expert reaches your home and repairs it.

ariston appliances repair service in dubai

Skilled employees only

We never compromise with quality and customer contentment. For FAJ satisfaction of clients is always a priority. For that, we have well-trained and fully skilled professionals only. They get cutting-edge training to remain updated with the latest technology, and state-of-the-art equipment and its use.


Extremely fair prices

We provide the No.1 hood appliances repair service in Dubai at quite an affordable price, with no hidden charges.It is better to avail the opportunity of quality, prompt service at a fair price than a high price and nil quality work.

State-of-the-art Domestic Hood Appliances Repairs:

We provide the No.1 hood appliances repair service in Dubai at quite an affordable price, with no hidden charges.It is better to avail the opportunity of quality, prompt service at a fair price than a high price and nil quality work.

Different Types of Hoods


Wall-Mounted Hoods:

These are the well-known choice for domestic kitchens. These are mounted on the wall above the cooking surface, with ductwork that lets out the air outside. These hoods have different sizes and styles, and they serve effective ventilation in the kitchen.


Under-Cabinet Hoods:

These hoods are placed beneath the kitchen cabinets offering efficient ventilation while saving space.These are perfect for kitchens with limited overhead space and serve as convenient installation options.


Downdraft Hoods:

These serve sleek and minimalist designs. These are incorporated into the cooking surface itself. It rises when in use and retracts back into the countertop when unused. These provide ventilation from the side or back of the cooktop. This gives an unobstructed view of the kitchen.


Ductless Hoods:

These are suitable for kitchens where ductwork installation is not applicable. Ductless hoods use charcoal or carbon filters to catch and remove airborne particles and smell.The filtered air is then redistributed back into the kitchen, developing a cleaner cooking environment.

Commercial Kitchen Hood

Commercial kitchens have different needs. That is when commercial hood appliances play their part.These hoods are designed for commercial kitchens such as cafes, restaurants,and various food service establishments.

 They are larger, more powerful, and can handle high cooking volumes. Here are some types of commercial hood appliances we repair:


Canopy Hoods:

These are commonly used in commercial kitchens. These cover the whole cooking area and serve ventilation and smoke-capturing features. They have high extraction rates and ensure a clean and safe cooking environment.



Island Hoods:

These hoods are best suited for kitchens with cooking surfaces mounted on an island or a peninsula. Island hood hanging from the ceiling above the cooking area. They serve as ventilation from above, effectively removing pollutants and dispersing heat.


High-Performance Hoods:

These specifically serve
the demanding commercial kitchen environments. They serve powerful extraction
capabilities, refined durability, and robust filtration systems. They handle
heavy usage and maintain optimal air quality. 


Commercial Vent Hood Repair:

In commercial kitchens and industrial settings, these hoods ventilate and spread air. Its features include noise control, auto-off timer, ducted or ductless operations, and fan speed control.

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So, why wait? Pick your phone today and give us a call, our experts will repair your kitchen hood be it of any type or size. Schedule your appointment with us and enjoy our services in the comfort of your home.


How to contact FAJ?

You can call us at 043300002 or email info@fajservices.ae and book your appointment with us.

Does FAJ provide routine maintenance?

Yes, we provide regular checks to help avoid future troubles and extend the life of your kitchen hood. Cleaning, filter replacement, and other routine maintenance may be required.

How long does it take to fix a kitchen hood?

The time it takes to repair a kitchen hood varies according to the problem and the kind of hood. Most repairs may be handled in a single visit, but more complicated ones can take a day.