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O General AC Repair in Dubai

When it comes to predominant air conditioning, O General is the first choice of Dubai. O General has kept people in their comfort zone since 1974 and it is a great humidity control solution. Furthermore, it is a brand of air conditioners which is owned by Fuijitsu General of Japan. A quiet machine that performs amazingly all year round to give you ease. Although, they function masterfully to spread healthy cool air as well as restrict or prevent humidity. They need careful attention too, to operate more than optimally. Obtaining the right O general Ac repair from a competent company precisely makes a huge difference.

Over and above that, O General Aircon is the product of Japanese technology. And its reliability, and durability make it a prime solution for industrial and domestic needs. For those who seek greater comfort for their organization, villa, hotel, restaurant, and home O General is an intelligent choice. If you are looking to get the maintenance, installation, or fixing of your AC then no need to look further or be confused. Because FAJ Technical Services L.L.C is present to assist you. Additionally, we are an exceptional O General Ac Repair company and are exceeding the high standards of air con services since 2010.

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  • O General Central AC Repair
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  • O General HVAC, Ducted Split AC Repair Service
  • O General Multi Split, VRF Air Conditioner Service
We Being Tech Savvy— O General Ac repair-fajservice

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FAJ is the name of exceptional quality and trust. Our experts remain updated with cutting-edge technology and always ensure to deliver beyond the anticipation of people. Our countless customers depend upon us for every fix they want to get done at once. Furthermore, we offer highly budget-friendly Ac services. Our experts have advanced tools and equipment to analyze the problem and experience to promptly mend it. Be it your centralised O general, HVAC or any other kind of cooling system let be it serviced by high tech professionals.

We have high workmanship to handle any task and provide you with a pleasant working environment immediately. This time, experience the top-notch O general Ac repair service and you would never forget to recommend us.


Repair & Maintenance

Regardless of where you live in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman, we will send a Faisal Ali Juma technical team to your home or business place to do the repair service when it suits you.

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Finding honesty, reliability, and affordability price all at the same time, you can contact us for all services required.


Replacement of spare part by FAJ comes with a warranty. If the same fault occurs during warranty time period. Invoice reference number is a must if you need to contact us again.

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Step 1 - Phone us,
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Step 3 - Get the technical team at your doorstep to fix.

Types Of O General Air Con We Fix, Install, And Maintain – O General UAE

O General air condition has a modern sophisticated design with powerful cooling to combat humid and hot weather. Moreover, it exhibits energy-efficient technology to be both eco-friendly and environmentally friendly. When it comes to the installation of this innovative machine. Highly professional help is crucial because an inexperienced hand can not accurately install your air con thus, can cause various unwanted problems. Similarly, not superbly done fix repairs and lack of adequate maintenance are the major reasons for unexpected climate control breakdowns. Following are the manifold kinds of O General A/c we provide overhauling for but are not limited to:

You can simply talk to us and let us serve you with our proficient, fast performance.

Various Advantages Of O General Air Condition

It does not matter which brand of air conditioning system you own, what matters is, how much you take care of your air con. After all, it is your companion in every season and helps to keep your office, clinic, gym, villa, apartment, and organization a pleasant feeling and magnificent looking. Because the first thing which impresses visitors, customers, and other clientele is the gratifying cool air.

This really moves them, changes their mood, and thus, leaves a remarkable impression on your customers. Certainly, which is a major source of high-yielding for you. So, why not take care of your air conditioning? For each repairing small or big without any delay contact a professional technician. For installing your newly purchased aircon do not settle with subpar service and waste your disbursement talk to an expert only. We are here to provide you with any assistance you want because we value your time and money. Experience a true quality difference with us. If you are looking to have an O general Ac, it has numerous benefits. Every air con is uniquely designed and offers a plethora of gains to you. You must keep it that way, by opting for fast help when it requires.

Make sure to let the advanced features of O General A/C be highly functional as they are by having a professional O General Ac repair company on your side for each minor issue to fix right away. So, you won’t have to go for costly repairs ever.

What Possibly Can Happen If Your O General AC Is Not Installed Properly?

Climate control be it of any type, size, or brand the correct installation of it brings fantastic results. A wrong installation of air con can increase the issues even more and thus, become a cause of the premature breakdown of air conditioning. Be it your office, retail centers such as (shopping malls, supermarkets, shops) or education institutes (Universities, colleges, schools) the fully operational cooling system not only makes the room magnificent but draws more people. Following are the examples of commonly occurring troubles that indicate your O general air conditioner is not positioned properly. The prompt O General Ac repair help can save you. 

Higher energy bills & uneven cooling in the entire room-fajservice

Energy Bills Rise Drastically

If you notice that, your electric bills are rising more than usual. It means your expensive air con has been installed wrongly by an inexperienced individual. Thus, your cooling system will have to work harder to cool the entire room and unfortunately, it will use extra energy. Before, it ripped you off, calling an old hand for immediate help is a wise decision. We have been striving to assist our customers for the past decade. In addition to it, our countless customers are thankful that their air con is now in the correct position. For world-class O General Ac repair, we are at hand.

More noise than usual-fajservice

High Noise From Cooling System

An incorrectly fitted control system will likely cause more noise than rightly installed air conditioning. Imagine, at the workplace, the air con is causing buzzing noise which is disrupting your important business meeting. Or, is that strange sound causing a headache? Therefore, always approach a skilled technician to position your air conditioner at the apt place. FAJ is well-known for not only delivering marvelous installation of air con at healthcare centers, firms, factories, colleges, villas, pubs, hotels, restaurants, etc. But, also provide excellent O General Ac repair in Dubai and surrounding areas.

We Being Tech Savvy— O General Ac repair-fajservice

We Being Tech Savvy— O General Ac Repair

Our technical personnel are extremely knowledgeable and have extensive experience installing your air con. Or, re-install an incorrectly fitted air con, Our professionals ensure that your climate control is working at its peak by inspecting ducts. Further, inspect the wiring of your A/c, check filters, and also provide thoroughgoing maintenance to exceed the standards of quality and contentment. Thus, for O General air conditioner service or for any brand of central air conditioning you own, we are conversant to position it right and fix any fault it is facing.


Your Air Conditioner Will Cause More Humidity

When you turn on your VRF or central air conditioning in your office, warehouse, or house make it pleasant for your employees, guests, and customers. But, instead of spreading cool fresh air it only gives you and your clientele humidity. This is another major drawback that your A/c is not in the right order.



How to contact FAJ Technical Services L.L.C?

You can simply call us at 9714300002 or email info@fajservices.ae and book your appointment with us. Our technical experts reach you on time wherever you are and promptly assist you.

Why is my O general split Ac not cooling?

Lack of adequate refrigerant, or filthy air filters blocking the performance of your air conditioning.

Which compressor is used in O General Aircon?

The rotary compressor is used in the O General cooling system.