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Domestic appliances are a pivotal part of a home. We all heavily rely on these electronic gadgets for our day-to-day needs. Wherefore, their well-functioning beyond a doubt is highly important. We all try to own an expensive oven so it can perform efficiently. No matter how smoothly your oven works, it can be suspected to fall into a glitch anytime. And, that is quite normal to happen because we frequently use electric or gas ovens to heat our meals. If your oven stops functioning or performs ill and you are searching for the best oven repair company. Then without any wait, you can talk to us. FAJ Technical Services L.L.C is a highly reputed and trusted oven repair service provider. If you are also looking to get a hassle-free fixing of the microwave oven then let our professionals serve you.

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  • The technical inspection fee is AED 157 covering diagnosis, transportation, re-installation in Dubai premises and the fee is not refundable.
  • This flat rate includes 1 or 2 appliances in the same place. The flat rate does not include the cost of parts.
  • Contact us: if you require a repair on a small appliance, such as a coffee machine or vacuum.

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Types Of Ovens We Fix – Oven Repair In Dubai

Ordering in, eating out, no cooking days? Perhaps that sounds fun but for a while only. Eventually, you want an oven home-cooked delicious meal because nothing can replace it! Whether there is a mechanical fault in your spendy microwave or a minor glitch in it which is hindering its performance. This can cause havoc not only in your kitchen but in your daily schedule as well. Returning home from an exhausting day of work you only want a slice of pizza that is stored in the fridge. Knowing that your oven is faulty will lead you to overwhelm or go to bed hungry.

We take care of our customers, their time, and money therefore, we ensure to deliver oven repair service promptly. With an extremely fair price and top-hole quality. Following are the various types of ovens we offer overhauling for but are not limited to! No matter which size, model, or brand your microwave oven is, there is nothing our skilled techs cannot repair. So, feel free to talk to us and let our friendly and industrious professionals assist you.

Electric Ovens

Gas Ovens

Electric Ovens

Gas Ovens

Most Common Issues Your Oven Goes Through – Get Oven Repair Now!

Fully functional ovens make our life easier and regular maintenance of them makes unusual problems at bay. Following are the faults that may occur due to a long lack of maintenance of the oven.

The oven fails to draw power or ignite

If you keep trying to turn on your oven but it is not happening. It means it is afflicted by an electrical problem or faulty ignitor. Opt for professional help. Moreover, in an electric oven lack of power inhibits its work, and in a gas oven issue with an ignitor causes the problem. Our highly professional experts are readily available the whole week to provide swift and exceptional oven repair without a break to help you.

Temperature of the oven is either too high or low

In an oven that gets extremely hot or neither hot at all, both situations are equally frustrating. A fault in the temperature sensor ignites the issue and restricts the operation of a microwave oven.

The oven door is jammed

Faulty hinges limit the door of the oven to work efficiently thus, you have to put a lot of pressure to open or close the door. If you are facing similar issues it is high time to contact an expert. Our team of technical specialists can serve you and provide you with the best oven repair.

Uneven heating of food

Another common drawback of putting off maintenance or fixing your oven can lead to uneven heating of food. Consequently, the meal loses its taste and thus leaves a bad impression on your guests or colleagues if they eat not adequately heated food.

The oven’s light not turning on

An issue with the internal wiring or lamp switch makes it harder for the oven’s light to turn on easily. For better outcomes of oven repair immediately communicate with us.

Services We Are Happy To Offer For Oven Repair

A microwave often performs a plethora of functions and is our silent friend. We usually ignore it and only look when we want to make popcorn and cook leftovers. Furthermore, an oven be it a standalone gas oven or an electrical oven not only saves our time but doubles the taste of the meal we prepare.

Let us put the optimal heat back in your oven. Additionally, the extensive experience and knowledge of our team approach comprehensively to address the fault your oven may encounter.

Looking For Commercial Oven Repair?

One of the essential pieces of equipment used in the food and culinary industry is the commercial oven. You can find them in hotels, bakeries, restaurants, and catering services. Commercial ovens are designed to manage high-volume cooking and deliver consistent and efficient results. Below we have mentioned the most common types of commercial ovens we fix and their specifications:

Convection Ovens:

These have fans to circulate hot air, which results in even heat distribution and rapid cooking times. Convection ovens are well suited for roasting, baking, and dehydration. 

Deck Ovens:

These are commonly used in bakeries. Deck ovens have multiple shelves or decks that can be controlled individually for moisture and temperature. They are best for baking pizzas, bread and pastries. 

Conveyor Ovens:

These are mostly found in fast-food chains and large-scale operations. These have conveyor belts to move food down the cooking chamber. They are best for high-volume cooking and give consistent results. 

Combi Ovens:

These multifaceted ovens combine steam cooking and convection cooking methods. These methods allow accurate control over humidity levels. These oven types are used for various cooking techniques, including roasting and baking. 

Domestic Oven Repairs You Need:

These ovens are also known as household ovens or home ovens. These are commonly found in residential kitchens. They are designed to meet the culinary needs of families and individuals. Below we have mentioned some of the most important types of domestic ovens we repair:


Conventional Ovens:

Conventional ovens are the simplest type of domestic ovens. They have a single heating element at the base. 


Self-Cleaning Ovens:

This domestic oven comes with a self-cleaning feature. It uses high heat to burn off food leftovers and grease. Through this feature, you do not need to clean the oven manually. However, these ovens require you to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. 


Microwave Combination Oven:

These domestic ovens have combined traditional oven functions with microwave capabilities. They offer versatility and allow both conventional cooking and fast microwave heating. 

Do I Need Oven Maintenance?

Many people ask if their microwave oven requires maintenance. The answer to this question is a big yes. Certainly, an optimal up-keeping of your oven not only increases its life span but also ensures its ideal operation and conservation. If your oven is extensively mend by a professional it will bake your food products more efficiently than you think. Similarly, opting for on-time oven repair quickly restores the abilities of your pricey oven so you can enjoy its benefits.

Brands Of Ovens We Fix

Being a leading and highly distinguished company in Dubai, we are not limited to fixing only a few brands of microwave ovens. Our exceptionally well-trained technicians with their high workmanship can resolve any issue be it minor or complex. As well as the oven of any brand our skillful professionals instantly repair it. So, without any hesitation you can easily ring us up and our experienced techs reach your doorstep to overhaul your stove efficiently.

Why Call Us?

FAJ is the name of trust and quality, it is like no other. Our response to your issue is always rapid and top-rated. We understand how precious your time is and you cannot miss your business meeting to take your oven to our company. Therefore, we have made it easier for you by providing oven repair in the comfort of your home. We take pride to say that FAJ is the prime choice of customers and most dependable in times of urgent need.

In addition to it, when our technician reaches your home, he is highly trained and experienced enough to not only diagnose the fault and fix it but takes the time to explain the problem. As well as gives you recommendations on how you can keep your appliances from being faulty again. So, leave the subpar services and contact the most trusted and exceptional quality providing oven repair company today.



Is it easy to fix an oven?

Fixing an electric or gas oven is only easier if you are an experienced professional. If not, it is challenging for you. Before, trying to mend your microwave oven on your own is better to talk to a professional first. Because they know how to handle and solve the flaw in it.

How to get in touch with FAJ?

You can easily call us at +97143300002 or email info@fajservices.ae and book your slot for oven fixing or maintenance.

How often can the oven be cleaned?

After every 1-month microwave oven must be cleaned to keep it efficiently working and increase its lifespan.