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Sanyo, being specialized in HVAC and heat pumps, is quite a well-known tech company. And is, in the business of manufacturing Sanyo air conditioner since early1900’s. Offering cooling and heating solutions for over 40 years. Moreover, the advanced technical features of Sanyo air con make it the leading cooling system in the industry. Just like other climate controls Sanyo A/C also requires careful attention to perform at its peak. Impeccable maintenance and timely fixing of any issue can help your Sanyo cooling system to keep functioning for years. Therefore, obtaining the top Sanyo Ac repair in Dubai is indispensable to be secure from large costly repairs.

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When it comes to Sanyo Ac repair in Dubai, you ought to connect with a professional company only. FAJ Technical Services L.L.C is a well-known provider of Sanyo AC maintenance in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and surrounding areas. Moreover, we are committed to delivering hassle-free running of all existing Sanyo cooling systems. Our experts with their craftsmanship ensure to protect you from any future breakdown by providing regular checkups to your climate control. And, quick fixing of any issue your Sanyo air con is encountering.


Repair & Maintenance

Regardless of where you live in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman, we will send a Faisal Ali Juma technical team to your home or business place to do the repair service when it suits you.

Pricing you can trust

Finding honesty, reliability, and affordability price all at the same time, you can contact us for all services required.


Replacement of spare part by FAJ comes with a warranty. If the same fault occurs during warranty time period. Invoice reference number is a must if you need to contact us again.

On Time Service

Step 1 - Phone us,
Step 2 - Choose a date & time frame,
Step 3 - Get the technical team at your doorstep to fix.

Error Codes As A Result Of Lack Of Maintenance Sanyo Air Conditioner (A/C)

Do you know that your climate control can suffer from fault codes if it lacks adequate regular maintenance? Yes, you read it right. Ignoring the troubleshooting of minor issues can consequently hinder the performance of your Sanyo aircon. Additionally, it can lead to expensive, complicated repairs if an inexperienced person tries to treat those complex faults. Your cooling system will kick the bucket too soon. Therefore, it is always recommended to only let the experts touch your AC repairing and maintenance. For Sanyo ac repair in Dubai, you can simply communicate with us and our highly skilled personnel will reach your site promptly to mend any fault, error code, or for maintenance.

Following are the fault codes your Sanyo air condition will display, when it is struggling with any problems:

Commercial premises, industries, and homes all are dependent upon a cool environment and this only gets possible with a perfectly working cooling system. For Sanyo Ac UAE maintenance, installation, and fixing without any further duo pick your phone and rig us. Our specialists are ready to assist you.

Unpleasant Consequences Of Ignoring Fixing Aircon Issues – Sanyo Ac Repair In Dubai

Many organizations, retail centers, and other big places easily overlook the importance of getting repairs of air conditioners. No doubt, a highly functional climate control operates so silently that its peak performance always goes unappreciated. However, the moment it stops working, or circulating warm air instead of cool, everyone starts noticing and blaming the air conditioning. But, they Ignore the fact that it has not given comprehensive maintenance or never taken enough care of fixing any fault.

An air con that gets appropriate scheduled maintenance and on-time fixing advantages will always perform fast as compared to others that do not get. Here are a few unpleasant effects that occur:

Lower Indoor Quality Air-AC-repair-fajservice

Lower Indoor Quality Air

Your Sanyo HVAC does more than just cooling your office or making it comfortable for everyone. It significantly traps and removes odors, and contaminants from the air and never lets any flies come in. In addition, it keeps the indoor air healthy and of high quality. Indoor air quality especially is key for anyone struggling with asthma, severe allergies, and other problems which can exacerbate it. For Sanyo Ac repair in Dubai, and to make your humid environment pleasant and cool again, let the experts of FAJ company help you.

Shortened Lifespan– Goodman Ac Repair In Dubai -AC-repair-fajservice

Breakdown Of Moving Components Of Ac

The nature of any mechanical equipment is to break down easily if not get adequate maintenance and prompt fixing. Just like cars, bikes or other vehicles require routine tune-ups to be secured from any errors. Similarly, the air conditioning system also needs maintenance too. Lack of it certainly leads to wear and tear of parts of the Sanyo cooling system.

Higher energy bills & uneven cooling in the entire room-fajservice

Higher Energy Bills

One thing to be understood by all commercial facilities and homeowners is that neglecting timely fixing of the air con can drastically increase your power bills. To eliminate this problem, you must opt for routine maintenance and mending of minor faults. So, you won’t have to face sudden complex problems. We are masters in Sanyo Ac repair in Dubai and are highly recommended by popular organizations and industries. You can also get worry-free, immediate assistance from us.

More noise than usual-fajservice

Strange Loud Noises From Air Con

Another effect of ignoring fixing of Ac issues is, contentious distracting noise from it. It is normal to hear a slight hum when an air con kicks on. But, otherwise, a cooling system should operate peacefully. Furthermore, as you go about your daily activities at the office, it should work smoothly. On the contrary, an air conditioner which creates loud noises disrupts your work, important business meetings as well as your rest. These distracting noises can be eradicated by the professional solution which can only be provided by experts of Sanyo Ac repair in Dubai.

Different Types Of Sanyo Air Conditions (AirCon) – Sanyo Air Conditioner Service

Sanyo Air cons are manufactured with quite heavy technology and their functioning is always mind-blowing. Various kinds of Sanyo air conditioning systems we provide servicing:

Why Us?

FAJ always strives to deliver exceedingly outstanding outcomes to its customers. We never compromise with the satisfaction of our customers and the quality of services we offer. Over and above that, we have a team of highly-trained experts only which keep themselves updated with the latest advancements in technology. They use state-of-the-art tools to diagnose any fault within your cooling system speedily and eliminate the root of that problem.

Moreover, we are the next-level provider of Sanyo Ac repair in Dubai and take confidence in delivering more than expected. So, why wait? Call us today and experience the true meaning of exhaustive maintenance, fixing, and installation of air conditioning with us.



What is the common problem with Sanyo air con?

Fan motor and compressor wear out is a common issue that occurs, because of lack of maintenance.

Why is Sanyo Split Ac not working?

The deficiency of refrigerant is perhaps the cause of failed functioning of Sanyo air conditioning.

How to contact FAJ?

You can simply call us at 97143300002 or email info@fajservices.ae