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Are you in trouble because of your Teka appliances? Due to an appliance breakdown, your daily routine is disrupted. As we are in Dubai, hold on to serve you with the ultimate solution for your teka appliance repairs. We take immense pride in serving the best repair services for all your Teka home and kitchen appliances. That’s because our team of well-versed technicians tackles all repair issues. So your devices are restored to their optimal condition swiftly and perfectly. 

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F.A.J are here to support you when things go wrong, and understand that your kitchen appliances are essential for daily life, keeping your clothes and dishes clean, your food fresh and meals cooked.


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  • Free Standing Hob and Cooker


  • Full Size Dishwasher
  • Slim line Dishwasher
  • Integrated Dishwasher

Day-to-Day Issues with Teka Appliances:

Failed Electric Components:

Most Teka appliances face issues with electric components like heating elements, compressors, or motors. 

Water Leakage:

It happens in fridges, washing machines, and dishwashers. Water leakage is due to clogged drain lines and damaged seals. 

Temperature Inconsistencies:

Temperature fluctuations in the cooker, oven, and fridge lead to spoiled meals and uncooked food. 

Drainage Problems:

Appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers can encounter drainage problems. Additionally, drainage issues lead to standing water. 

Weird Noises:


A strange noise indicates an underlying problem with the appliance. It can be due to a worn component or a broken machine part. 

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Repair & Maintenance

Regardless of where you live in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman, we will send a Faisal Ali Juma technical team to your home or business place to do the repair service when it suits you.

Pricing you can trust

Finding honesty, reliability, and affordability price all at the same time, you can contact us for all services required.


Replacement of spare part by FAJ comes with a warranty. If the same fault occurs during warranty time period. Invoice reference number is a must if you need to contact us again.

On Time Service

Step 1 - Phone us,
Step 2 - Choose a date & time frame,
Step 3 - Get the technical team at your doorstep to fix.

Teka Fridge Repair Service:

Are you facing loads of trouble because of your Teka fridge malfunctioning? Our teka fridge repair service addresses all the common issues, such as water leaks, temperature inconsistencies, weird noises, and faulty compressors.  So, be it a small glitch or a major problem, we can diagnose and fix it all to restore your fridge's best cooling performance. 

Teka Washing Machine Repair Service:

Are you washing all your laundry by hand due to your Teka washing machine breakdown? We cover all sorts of problems, such as drainage issues, drum problems, door seals broken and detached controls. Rest assured, your washing machine will be running back perfectly with our Teka washing machine repair service

Teka Dryer Repair Service:

Is your dryer giving you damp clothes and making strange sounds? What you need is our teka dryer repair services. In no time, your machine will be free from issues like heating elements, electronic controls, and drum rotation. 


Teka Dishwasher Repair Service:

Due to your broken dishwasher, do you have dirty dishes and filthy pots? We are in Dubai to save your day with our teka dishwasher repair service. If you face faulty pumps, clogged spray arms, and water drainage problems, they will be gone with our magic. Therefore, count on us for your dishwasher cleaning ability and make your post-meal clean-up a whiff. 

Teka Cooker Repair Service:

Are you not coking your delicious meals in no meals because of your broken cooker breakdown? Be it an electric or gas cooker, we have comprehensive repair services to address all your issues. In addition, we will make the ignition problems, heating element issues, and control faults disappear quickly. So, your cooker will be operating perfectly in no time. 

Teka Oven Repair Service:

Do you love to bake your sweet and savory treats in your oven regularly? But now you can no longer because your oven is not heating or burning your food. Call us to fix all your issues with heating elements, broken thermostats, and faulty fans. So, get back the precision to your baking and roasting adventures. 

Why We Are the Best for Teka Appliance Repairs? 

At FAJ Technical Service LLC, we get that trusting anyone with your valuable Teka appliances for repair is a significant decision. We want to satisfy you that you are making the perfect choice by choosing us for your appliance repairs. So, here is why we are the best option for teka appliance repairs:

Skilled and Expert Technicians:

For expert repairs, we have a talented team. With their broad knowledge, they can quickly diagnose and fix any problems your appliances may face. 


Since 2010, we have served Dubai residents with premium quality repairs. This experience gives us the knowledge and confidence to fix many Teka appliance issues. 

Rapid Turnaround Time:

Any malfunctioning appliance gives you significant stress and inconvenience. That is why we strive for quick turnaround times. So now, you can enjoy your Teka appliance up and working back in no time. 

Customer-Centric Approach:

Our clients are at the core of everything we do. We listen to your issues, serve you with transparent communication during the repair process, and make sure your satisfaction is fulfilled with our repairs. 

Quality Equipment and Service:

We only utilize the best quality diagnostic and repair equipment. That is how we ensure your machines' longer shelf life and performance. So, our mission is to serve quality outstretches in every aspect of our service. 

Affordable and Transparent Pricing:

You do not have to expect hidden costs or unexpected fees from us. We keep all our prices transparent and serve with competitive rates. So, we only charge repair and replacement parts fees keeping all the prices completely upfront. 

Suitable Scheduling:

We value your and our time, so we make the repair process and timings as convenient as possible. That is why we allow you to schedule your appointment at your preferred time. 

When choosing FAJ Technical Service LLC, you choose the most desired teka appliance repairs in Dubai. So, join our nonstop growing list of satisfied customers and enjoy the difference with us today!
Why is my dish not coming clean from the Teka dishwasher?

A clogged spray arm and a broken pump is the reason behind your Teka dishwasher not cleaning properly.

How to fix the inaccurate temperature and inconsistent cooking from my Teka oven?

A broken thermostat and a faulty heating element cause an inaccurate oven temperature.

How to contact FAJ Technical Services LLC for Teka appliance repair?

To contact us, call us at 43300002 or email us at info@fajservices.ae