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Air conditioners are a daily crucial part of one’s life be it your home, retail office, factory, or any other organization. Its significance cannot be denied. A minor fault in any air conditioning system can become a complicated problem. Therefore, obtaining the superior Trane Ac repair in a timely manner can save your cooling system from prematurely kicking the bucket.

Further, just like any other air con Trane cooling systems also require adequate care in order to perform at its peak. Although it is a technologically powerful aircon, still because of frequent use and longer run times can make it prone to glitches. Especially when your A/c does not go through a comprehensive maintenance procedure monthly, at minimum.

Furthermore, you might have experienced that your Trane air conditioning system spreads warm humid air instead of pleasant, cool air. Or perhaps, it is frequently turning off and on (short cycles) and circulating bad odor in the entire room. Or other unusual behaviors of your aircon. These are clear indications that your Ac is not in good condition. Thus, this is where FAJ Technical Services L.L.C comes in. We are the finest Trane Ac repair and since 2010, the best dependable source of A/C service for millions of customers.

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  • Trane Central AC Repair
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  • Trane Package Unit Aircon Maintenance
  • Trane HVAC & Ducted Split AC Repair Service
  • Trane Multi Split, VRF Air Conditioner Service
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  • AC not turning On
  • AC leaking water outside
  • AC loss of performance
  • AC poor airflow, making noises
  • AC Prone to freezing

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Several large establishments prefer installing Trane cooling systems but ignore their necessary maintenance and fixing. Which certainly leads to early wear and tear of sensitive and technically advanced components of it. Be it your centralised trane air con or any type of trane climate control the prime thing is to let it go through exhaustive maintenance and on-time repairs. Because this will save you from several unwanted and unexpected issues. We are a well-known Trane Ac repair provider and are excellent in doing so. Commercial, industrial, and domestic places we cover are:

Why Is FAJ Exceptional?

We have the “repairs first” mentality. Our prioritization for our customers makes us unique and unbeatable. Moreover, our highly-trained experts are available the whole week to assist you. So, you can avail of the air conditioning servicing any day of the week. It is all about exceeding expectations, not just meeting them.

You can easily relax back and focus on your business meetings and communication with your clients whilst our experienced technicians quietly do their job. In addition to it, our prices are extremely budget friendly and transparent with no hidden charges. We are leading Trane Ac repair and are happy to help you. So, arrange your service plan with us today and we will promptly be at your site on a scheduled day and time.


Repair & Maintenance

Regardless of where you live in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman, we will send a Faisal Ali Juma technical team to your home or business place to do the repair service when it suits you.

Pricing you can trust

Finding honesty, reliability, and affordability price all at the same time, you can contact us for all services required.


Replacement of spare part by FAJ comes with a warranty. If the same fault occurs during warranty time period. Invoice reference number is a must if you need to contact us again.

On Time Service

Step 1 - Phone us,
Step 2 - Choose a date & time frame,
Step 3 - Get the technical team at your doorstep to fix.

Glimpse Of Trane Air Conditioning History

For over a century, Trane has positioned itself as a highly popular pioneer in climate control. In La Crosse, Trane was first established in 1885 as a family plumbing business. In 1931, Trane air conditioner stepped into the market and this fundamentally impacted the buildings’ cooling environment. Now, the Trane air conditioner is the top energy solution and helps in optimizing the entire environment of various schools, colleges, malls, offices, etc.

Key Benefits Of Scheduled Maintenance Of Trane Air Conditioner- Trane Ac UAE

The Trane air conditioning unit is uniquely manufactured to operate super outstanding. It runs effectively all year round to meet the needs of every one according to climate. However, this energy-efficient cooling system demands proper preventive maintenance as well. Aircon, be it of any brand, size, or type unless and until they never get covered in appropriate maintenance the ingenious components of it start falling into various faults. Furthermore, it eventually leads them to utterly shut down.

Take an example of your body system, a nutritious diet will protect your immune system from getting vulnerable to manifold diseases. Hence, will keep you healthier. Similarly, your air condition also requires suitable routine maintenance to keep functioning excellently. On top of that, a minor defect in it must be addressed promptly to secure oneself from large costly, and time taking repairs. For fast and reliable help, our technical technicians with their top-level workmanship can provide you with preeminent Trane Ac repair right away with just a single call. Let’s discuss some key advantages of getting maintenance of Trane air con.

Enhances Indoor Air Quality- AC-repair-fajservice

High optimal indoor comfort

Magnificently cool air quality in commercial, industrial, and residential places not only keeps your guests, customers, visitors, and clientele in a comfort zone. But, it also significantly raises the number of sales. A thorough cleaning of Trane HVAC is pivotal to be assured it is operating fully. A routine maintenance process constructively assists your cooling machine to remain in pristine condition. Our HVAC specialists execute an in-depth cleansing of your air conditioner and look for noticeable impediments too. If they find any inefficiency within the cooling system they readily eradicate the source of the problem thus, enabling the air con to function smoothly and long-lasting. Talk to optimum Trane Ac repair company.

Longer lifespan your trane climate control -AC-repair-fajservice

Longer lifespan your trane climate control

An air conditioning system has never been cheap and is not something to be overlooked. It is a long-time investment for your building’s future as well as a fundamental root of bringing high-yielding to your business setting. The major advantage of choosing preventive maintenance is it helps preserve the quality of your A/c whilst minimizing the need for any repair altogether.

FAJ has been winning the hearts of countless hearts for the last decade and gaining more dependence on educational institutions, spacious industries, and residential places. We are a first-rate Trane Ac repair company and are confident in delivering our best.

A Great Power Conservation-AC-repair-fajservice

A Great Power Conservation

Time is considered the No.1 rival of any air conditioner. A non-stop longer run time of a cooling system can cause worn parts, loose connections, and sooner or later an overall loss of function. Therefore, sustentation is something that we ought not to put off. Likewise, performing a simple inspection helps to ensure the Trane air con is running at its peak. A Plethora of benefits is associated with a simple routine maintenance procedure. So, why not get a huge gain from it? and let your villa, apartment, shopping mall, or office shine bright with pleasant cooling circulation.

Various Types Of Trane Air Conditioning We Restore & Install – Trane Ac Repair

Trane climate control is the world leader in air conditioning systems. Over and above that, its different types are popular enough in the largest institutional buildings, commercial and domestic places. In energy conservation and enhancing environmental technology, Trane is working efficiently around the globe. In Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Ajman we are supplying overhauling and installation of manifold kinds of air Trane conditioners. Such as:

We are pros in installing and fixing any defect your air condition is encountering. For any immediate help, you can connect with us. And, our highly technical professionals will reach where you are, and fix the problem. Being the most trusted Trane Ac repair service provider we value your precious time and money. Wherefore, we promptly want to serve you. Not only do we install your climate control but, also re-install any wrongly fitted air conditioner. We are the complete package of numerous benefits you can ever get from any other service entity.



How can I schedule my appointment with FAJ?

You can simply call us at 97143300002 or email info@fajservices.ae and book your air con appointment with us.

Which refrigerant is used in Trane Ac?

R-410A refrigerant is used in the Trane cooling system.

Why is my Trane climate control not cooling enough?

When outdoor coils are clogged or blocked it hinders the cooling ability of your air con. Thus, it fails to circulate adequate cool air in the entire room.